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I keep hearing it lately. Maybe it is because Valentine’s Day is just past and there were many call-ins to radio shows and podcasts. Folks married for 50 years, or 38 years, or twelve years. They tell the touching or romantic or exciting story of how they met their spouse, and then when asked whether their relationship is happy, the answer is invariably a variation of, “Yes, we have five children and eleven grandchildren.”

But children do not equal a good marriage!

A good marriage is about intimacy and knowing each other and choosing to love. It is about sacrifice and about being your true self.

Terrence Real writes:

Not merely a relationship you can live with, but one that is truly alive – passionately, tenderly, maddeningly filled to the brim with unexpected twists and turns, with comfort and solidity, with the sense of knowing and being known, and loving each other anyway.



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I don’t know why it irritates me, but another of my pet peeves is when an infant is referred to as a “new baby.”

I listened to an audiobook that kept referencing couples “with a new baby.” I also hear this weird adjective used often on the radio.
It is like the person isn’t actually thinking about what they’re saying.

I’ve never heard of an old baby. Or a used baby.

Either it is a newborn, or it is a X-month-old baby. Even a little baby would be fine with me.




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It seems that I have no patience for fools anymore.

Grumpy? Selfishly making bad decision after bad decision? Self-important? Self-involved?

Fine, keep on if it’s working for you, but I won’t be in the picture. Life is too short, and my mental health is too important (and too fragile).

I used to tolerate these people in the name of Christian love or something like that… letting one’s actions proclaim the gospel. I can’t do it now. At 43, I simply don’t have it in me anymore.

Maybe I’ll grow up to be a more loving senior citizen. Stranger things have happened.






At the end of September, I watched the pilot for The Middle (which refers to living in the middle of nowhere).  I knew nothing about it except that Patricia Heaton was part of the cast – I’m a fan of hers.

What ended up affecting me was Eden Sher’s character, Sue.  Around 14 years old, Sue is not good at anything. Sue has tried out for every club, sport, and activity at school, and is finally placed in the school office, making I.D. cards – a club of one.
Poor Sue.
It was painful.
It was like looking in a mirror.
I am so tired of not being good at anything.  I don’t know why I have this expectation that I should excel in some area.  I have worked and worked at giving up the idea, but haven’t succeeded there either.

Being good at nagging doesn’t count.



It won’t do any good, but today this message went to Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff.

This message is from a ‘normal’ 41-year-old woman who hates the winters but loves her country.
I vote, I work, I volunteer, I have a good life.

I am one of those people who is largely disinterested in politics.  The scenes coming out of Ottawa make me embarrassed… bickering and shouting and banging on desks in the places where our elected leaders are supposed to work together for the good of our country and its people?  It seems unutterably ridiculous, a big prank for which someone forgot to call the punchline. This is civilized government?

It makes me so sad and disappointed to see intelligent and powerful men and women seemingly more interested in advancing their own political party than advancing the good of the people of Canada!
Why should I want to vote for any of these disappointing people?  There does not seem to be an option worth voting for.

Take the partisanship out of Canadian politics.  Please.
I know it is a turnaround from the way things are done, but it is the right way to behave.



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Dear Canada Post,

Really? Didn’t you look at the new mailbox paint job from a distance?

Dear unicycler,
Thank-you for riding around and brightening our days.

Dear rainclouds,
Please go west.

Dear Visions,
If your flyer advertises the itouch on sale starting today, you should have some in stock somewhere in Winnipeg.


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Fashion ‘trends’ that I’m too old or unhip (or maybe wise?) to buy into:

  • summer scarves ~ we get plenty of scarf-wearing weather, so you won’t see me in a scarf when it is warm enough to wear a sleeveless shirt!

  • skirts over pants ~ I’m just too old to pull this off…

  • fussy shoes  ~ nothing says “look at my feet!” like ridiculous shoes

  • thigh-high boots ~ I’m getting sweaty just looking at these poor girls.


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