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Today I’m celebrating that 25 years ago a wonderful man joined his life to mine.

It’s weird to think about how young we were then. I was 19 and he was 21. These days we spend time with some folks that age (lindyhoppers) and YIKES they’re young! Our son is 23 and he certainly is young.

Or maybe it’s weird to think about how old we are now.

Either way, it’s weird.

It’s weird to think that on that day, 25 years ago, I went down the aisle and made vows, having no idea what those promises really meant, or whether I could keep them.

It’s weird to look back and see that we got married without any real idea of what it means to love or be loved.  We had no idea the level of sacrifice we had signed up for.

It’s weird to think about all the ways we made our wedding ceremony “meaningful” without understanding the depth of those meanings. We became inextricably linked.  Becoming “one flesh” is real, and the pain of a broken marriage is as real as the tearing of flesh.

It’s weird to think that my young and basically clueless groom could bring so much love & joy & goodness & healing to the life of his (equally dopey) bride.

I love you, Lyndon.  Happy 25th anniversary!




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I really enjoy the gift of a new word, especially when the universe conspires to present it to me in multiple places in a short timespan.  Being a voracious reader, a new word is a fun gift!

The most recent is bespoke, which I’ve bumped into in two books and twice online in the past two weeks.




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Last night we went to visit some friends, and we played table games.  I didn’t win any of them, so y’all can quit bugging me about the winning streak.


They have such a nice house.  It balances the feeling of peaceful beauty with the reality of daily life – not an easy task.  Lots of houses that have nice interior design look like no one lives in them, and no one ever could without ruining the decor.  And a lot of houses look lived in but can get so jumbled that it is hard to feel at peace or feel like you’re living your daily life in some amount of aesthetic beauty.  This home has the magic balance for me.

This sentiment may be somewhat influenced by my love for character houses, but then again I’ve been in a lot of other character houses whose vibe didn’t qualify!


I really enjoy seeing that dad with his kids.  He is such a natural father.
We have many friends who are great dads, but there’s something different about this guy.  He is not over-enthusiastic or syrupy; he’s not doing the dad-thing grudgingly (and heaven knows that I often do the mother-thing grudgingly!); he doesn’t avoid the kids and let their mom handle most of it.
He just parents in a matter-of-fact and loving way, almost like a mom, if I can say that without insulting his masculinity.  It isn’t intended as an insult – it’s just seems that his role as a father is an integral part of who he is, not something more to do at the end of the day.
It makes my heart glad.

what would I do without the internet?

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I was watching Paparazzi and was being very distracted by the star, Cole Hauser.
He looked
so incredibly familiar but I just couldn’t figure out where I’d seen him before.
IMDB did its magic and… of
course!!  He played young Bram in Stone Angel!  He was in the scene in which we were extras!  No wonder he looks so familiar!
I feel so much better now.


mmmm… supper

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rice, beans, avocado, fried cheese

Thankful Thursday

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I’m thankful for water!

  • For hot water to shower & wash dishes.  (but I’m trying to have shorter showers and wash more laundry in cold water)

  • For cold (distilled) water to drink; nothing is better.

I’m trying to be thankful for the weather.  It certainly is an improvement on winter.  I’m thankful for spring.

I’m thankful for books, and for good writers who entertain, inform, inspire, and challenge me.

I’m thankful for my husband.  His love for me is a constant wonder!

I’m thankful for beauty.  In drawings and photographs, in flowers and leaves, in kittens and clouds, in color and texture.

I’m thankful for a lot of things: chocolate, lindyhop,  flipflops, good pens, indoor plumbing. 




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We’ve been missing five red roads from our Settlers of Catan game for months already, but knowing that we’d have a full slate of players for this past weekend’s game, we finally set off to do something about it last week.

Michael’s conveniently had balsa rods of just exactly the right size!  We got a bottle of red model paint while we were there.

Mr. Swiv cut the whole rod into road-sized lengths, then painted five of them.

They performed admirably in action!