I appreciated the “scientific magic” of the Warbreaker world, although it wasn’t as captivating as the scientific magic of the Mistborn world. In some ways this felt like an earlier work; the characters seem less complete in themselves. Still, it is hard for even Brandon Sanderson to live up to my expectations for Brandon Sanderson! This is worth reading. The version I read was for Wattpad and there were some distracting formatting issues.

Decisive by Chip Heath & Dan Heath has so much good and applicable advice about making choices. It includes a process that we can trust to guide us to make the best possible decisions, which gives us confidence to move ahead and can make us able to take risks. Best of all: no more agonizing over decisions!

Robert Wilson’s The Chronoliths was interesting enough for a beach-vacation read, but wouldn’t stand up to greater demands.  I did like that the focus was more on the people than the monuments themselves. 

I kept waiting for Jane Lindskold’s The Buried Pyramid  to reveal its reason for existing, but that never really showed itself. The writing was satisfactory but there was precious little story in the almost 500 pages.

I am ready to look for more books by Janet Kagan. Hellspark was an enjoyable science fiction adventure, whose characters were delightfully differing and up to the challenges presented. The languages were complex yet not presented that way.


Moving Pictures

Rails & Ties was quite formulaic. Miles Heizer did better work in this than I see from him in Parenthood.

For some reason, I was expecting Amazing Grace to be about the hymn, but that only made small appearances. This account of Wilberforce’s work to end slavery in Britain was interesting, and full of great actors.

I finally watched Babies, after owning the DVD for a long time. Seeing glimpses into the lives of the four babies in Mongolia, Japan, Namibia, & Califonia was intriguing, and left me with more questions than I expected, chiefly about the customs in Namibia and Mongolia.

I liked Gravity, especially that the main character was female and imperfect. 

I thought that Ender’s Game was a very good adaptation of a book that is not easy to portray onscreen.



Robert Charles Wilson

…I remembered how fervently my mother had despised the cold. She had taken it personally, especially in her last years. A personal affront. She was an enemy of ice, plagued by snow. She told me once that snow was the fecal matter of angels: it didn’t stink, being angelic in origin, but it was an insult nevertheless, so pure it burned like fire on mortal skin.