Falling Together has really great writing, with fallible characters that seemed real and likeable.  I will immediately look for more books by Marisa de los Santos, and I will miss Pen and Will.


I don’t prefer mysteries, and as a murder investigation, Bad Monkey is a variant on that theme. I also don’t need so many details about the sexual activities of the characters.  Beyond that, it just wasn’t very interesting, and contrary to the hype about Carl Hiaasen, it wasn’t at all funny.


Moving Pictures

I watched the second season of Longmire. Even though it is so “western,” I do like it.


We finished season one of Leverage and it is a good clean brains-off wind-down option. I enjoy Parker.


Falling Skies had the best opening scene to set backstory that I’ve seen in a long time. Clever and effective.
The series, however, would have been more believable if there were specific speech patterns when the various extraterrestrials spoke through humans; it is hard to believe that they would sound so natural with the English language.  As I work my way through the seasons, the show is getting less compelling.



In my ears

Jimmie Noone
Danny Michel & The Garifuna Collective