I keep hearing it lately. Maybe it is because Valentine’s Day is just past and there were many call-ins to radio shows and podcasts. Folks married for 50 years, or 38 years, or twelve years. They tell the touching or romantic or exciting story of how they met their spouse, and then when asked whether their relationship is happy, the answer is invariably a variation of, “Yes, we have five children and eleven grandchildren.”

But children do not equal a good marriage!

A good marriage is about intimacy and knowing each other and choosing to love. It is about sacrifice and about being your true self.

Terrence Real writes:

Not merely a relationship you can live with, but one that is truly alive – passionately, tenderly, maddeningly filled to the brim with unexpected twists and turns, with comfort and solidity, with the sense of knowing and being known, and loving each other anyway.