From his appearance on NPR’s Morning Edition

Rabbi KUSHNER: Ah, let me make a very important distinction here… There is all the difference in the world between saying, I was able to get something good out of this and saying, God intended it to teach me this lesson. I don’t believe God sends the tragedies so that we will grow spiritually. I believe the tragedy happens for all sorts of reasons: natural reasons, biological, genetic reasons, human cruelty reasons.

Once it happens, I think God’s role is to give us the strength and the vision to come through it – and come through it with our faith intact. God is there to send us people to hug us and hold our hands and dry our tears so we don’t feel abandoned, not by God and not by friends. And then in our response to the tragedy, then we have something good that comes out of it.

What do you think?

And are you being used by God so that someone else doesn’t feel abandoned?