It happened again on the weekend.  I was asked that dreaded question, “What do you do?”

The lindyhop scene around here is 80% university students, and there is built into them the idea that people are either studying or working, generally to quite a high level. It is largely inconceivable to them that a person of any intelligence or opportunity would simply be a housewife.
But it isn’t just them; the question comes up almost every time I meet someone new, and when I see someone again after a few years.

Keeping house is no small thing, and I honor its rewards which ripple out from that home to friends, family, and to the wider community.
Yet it is not an occupation that brings much esteem, therefore I try to direct conversations away from this aspect of myself. I hate being asked that question!

Perhaps I will take up limericks and haiku so I can reply, “I’m a poet.”