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Wow, am I ever tired of trying out churches. We’ve been to twelve different ones for a total of twenty visits. Twelve may not sound like a high number to you, but stop for a moment to imagine how unmotivating it is to psych ourselves up that many times when it would be SO much easier to stay home.  Plus the deflation as time after time it is clear that we haven’t found a faith community…

It is easy to lose hope. I’ve started to believe that there is no place for us.



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It seems that I have no patience for fools anymore.

Grumpy? Selfishly making bad decision after bad decision? Self-important? Self-involved?

Fine, keep on if it’s working for you, but I won’t be in the picture. Life is too short, and my mental health is too important (and too fragile).

I used to tolerate these people in the name of Christian love or something like that… letting one’s actions proclaim the gospel. I can’t do it now. At 43, I simply don’t have it in me anymore.

Maybe I’ll grow up to be a more loving senior citizen. Stranger things have happened.