Just finished Lisa’s The Passion of Mary-Margaret, and while I agree with my friend Mary that the main character’s conversations with Jesus are a bit Shack-ish, I did like the book. 

I appreciate that you never know what you’re going to get when you read a book of Lisa’s; she “isn’t afraid to take risks.”

My favorite quotes:

…unfortunately, I’ve never been quick at defending my beliefs. Ten minutes after the conversation ends, oh yes, my goodness, I’ve got all the right answers.  It’s God’s way of keeping me from being a real boob, I guess.


I confess, sometimes I still think some things are too hard for God.  I mean, deep down I think that.  But thankfully there’s an even deeper down.  Unfortunately, crawling down into that well hurts like the devil because we know God can do something and yet doesn’t, and we don’t have many choices after that realization, and none of them are one hundred percent easy breezy.