Only trouble is, gee whiz

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They say that dreams are what happens to the flotsam of your life that can’t get filed by your brain while you’re sleeping.  My dreams might be duller if I gave up the internet for Lent.

Last night I dreamt that I had a verrrrrry large scorpion as a housepet.  I’m going to blame the species on Jennifer even though she hasn’t written about them in a while. The dreamy size of my pet must be due to reading about the coconut crab earlier in the week.

My escorpionazo was a very docile and pleasant companion if the house was quiet.  He did, however, become agitated at prolonged loud noises, and tended to smash our stereos and clock radios to smithereens.

Then I woke up.  The End.



Lisa Samson quotes

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Just finished Lisa’s The Passion of Mary-Margaret, and while I agree with my friend Mary that the main character’s conversations with Jesus are a bit Shack-ish, I did like the book. 

I appreciate that you never know what you’re going to get when you read a book of Lisa’s; she “isn’t afraid to take risks.”

My favorite quotes:

…unfortunately, I’ve never been quick at defending my beliefs. Ten minutes after the conversation ends, oh yes, my goodness, I’ve got all the right answers.  It’s God’s way of keeping me from being a real boob, I guess.


I confess, sometimes I still think some things are too hard for God.  I mean, deep down I think that.  But thankfully there’s an even deeper down.  Unfortunately, crawling down into that well hurts like the devil because we know God can do something and yet doesn’t, and we don’t have many choices after that realization, and none of them are one hundred percent easy breezy.