I am so conflicted.
Of course I will get H1N1.  I get everything that goes around.
But I don’t hear any assurance that getting the vaccination will prevent me from getting H1N1. Nor do I feel confident that they’ve properly tested the vaccine, so I’m hesitant to get poked.






At the end of September, I watched the pilot for The Middle (which refers to living in the middle of nowhere).  I knew nothing about it except that Patricia Heaton was part of the cast – I’m a fan of hers.

What ended up affecting me was Eden Sher’s character, Sue.  Around 14 years old, Sue is not good at anything. Sue has tried out for every club, sport, and activity at school, and is finally placed in the school office, making I.D. cards – a club of one.
Poor Sue.
It was painful.
It was like looking in a mirror.
I am so tired of not being good at anything.  I don’t know why I have this expectation that I should excel in some area.  I have worked and worked at giving up the idea, but haven’t succeeded there either.

Being good at nagging doesn’t count.