Plans are being made to prepare the girls to start school at the end of January.  Many don’t have records from their previous school, so they’ll have to write placement tests.  A number of the girls who’ve been at CINAG cannot read, which is so difficult for me to comprehend.

Indeed, when we took these seven girls to a movie, the theatre was on the third floor of a shopping mall in Managua, and at least three of the girls had not been on an escalator before.  On an earlier outing, Katia had asked about the traffic lights – she didn’t know what they were.  And one of the items in the pencil cases we gave out was paper clips, and Norma had no idea what they were.

School is tricky on another level.  Of course it is healthiest for the residents to have a bigger world than just the grounds of CINAG, but some of the girls see school as an opportunity to meet with neighborhood boys, and these girls are too young to have boyfriends.