This is part of the report I gave this morning.  The other five workteam members reported too, so mine doesn’t cover the whole experience.

We are “home” but part of me is still in Diriamba, at CINAG, because those girls stole our hearts.
It is kind of hard to be here, simply because we can’t really be part of their lives from this far away.

It has now been five days since I’ve been kissed by Kimberly, or hugged by Reina, or had one of Leyla’s brilliant smiles aimed at me, or heard Elisa’s squealing or singing.  I miss Jhara’s beautiful, expressive eyes and Norma’s impish grins.  I wasn’t there to congratulate Andrea and Ingrid as they brought home the rest of their exam results this week.


During our time in Nicaragua, there were municipal elections.  There were concerns about fraud involved in the elections, and so there was turmoil:  protests, demonstrations, and some violence.  We watched some of these events on TV, and knew that our families back home might be worried.  The upheaval did not affect us much, but it did cause us to be concerned about peace and justice in Nicaragua.


One big difference for this workteam as compared to previous workteams is that we took the girls along on most of our ‘tourist’ outings.  This was great because many of the girls have not been to these places in their own country.  They came with us to the volcano, to Granada and the islands of Lake Nicaragua, to the ocean, and to the river and waterfall at La Maquina.