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from Heather King’s Redeemed:

I learn, over and over, to pray one of the most succinct and best prayers I know:
bless them; change me.



In my reading this week, I was genuinely surprised to come across this twist:

In Flowers for Algernon, a mentally retarded young man is cured of his retardation.  But then the treatment begins to wear off, and he returns to his retarded condition.  We grieve with him as he sees himself faltering.  We leave the theatre sad.

I wasn’t in a theatre when I experienced the Flowers for Algernon story!!  When I saw that title, I assumed book, not movie!  I was annoyed and taken aback.  Silly me.

I had to forgive the author, though, because her book is really good.  Organizing For Life: declutter your mind to declutter your world by Sandra Felton.
She addresses the internal reasons why  we don’t address our messiness, rather than focusing on organizing tips & tricks.

I was especially encouraged and motivated by this:

Why should people be concerned about getting their houses in order?
My best answer to that question is another question: Why not?
Why not have a lovely home that encourages all who enter?
Why not be among those who are thrilled to invite people over on the spur of the moment?
Why not be the person to whom people say, “Your house is so lovely!”
Why not have people over for meals without working yourself to death to get ready?
Why not have a house that raises your self-esteem rather than tears it down?
Why not have a house filled with your favorite colors and accents?
The real question is not why should we have a nice house.  The real question is
why not?