In August, we dogsat for two weeks.  Scully came and lived with us and she was such a sweetie.  A great older gal!  She would be nearly the ideal dog except for her hair.  I’d never seen anything like it.  She would shed and shed and shed.  I’d take her out to the back yard and comb three guinea pigs’ worth of hair off her, and then just running my hand over her back would still release more hair.  This was in August, mind you, not the typical spring shedding season.  The amount of hair hovering all over our floors near enough drove me crazy.  I honestly do not understand why these kinds of dogs still exist.  Why keep breeding them?  Who would want a hair factory as an indoor pet?

So, this is what the sweet dog looked like:2008 08 16 Scully0006

But this is how she showed up on camera, like a snarling danger-to-small-children.  Ha ha ha ha ha!

2008 08 16 Scully0002