I’ve got 21 items checked out at the moment, and 13 requested.
I enjoy using our library’s hold system.  Sometimes what I pick up is a complete surprise, since some books have long waiting lists and over time I forget that I’ve requested something.  Often I’ve completely forgotten why I requested the item, or who recommended it, or how I heard about it.  Did a friend read it and tell me about it?  Did I hear about it on CBC radio?  Did I read about it in WIRED magazine or on someone’s blog?  It is a enjoyable confusion!
About half of the library’s front counter staff just head for the back to check the books being held when they see me come in the front door.

Today there were just two items waiting for me, but they were an odd pair:  Kierkegaard For Beginners and a Chumbawamba CD.  You can’t pigeonhole me!