I’ve always told SticklerJr to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, to get enough sleep, to be active, to have self-control with junkfood. Oh, and to remember his chores and clean up after himself.
But I don’t have a good track record with any of this stuff myself.
Even if I plan veggies with a meal, I usually forget to actually prepare them.  I don’t much like to eat fruit.  So unless there’s watermelon, fresh pineapple, or sugar snap peas in the house, I’m not eating much produce.
I only go to bed at a reasonable hour to be considerate to early-to-bed MrSwiv.  Often I’m not so considerate of him.
Active?  Dancing is all I do.  Self-control?  Um, empty chocolate bar wrappers and empty potato chip bags make that point.
…and I sheepishly admit that I haven’t cleaned the bathroom yet this week.  Stripping the wax off the bathroom floor at church doesn’t count since it doesn’t actually make our bathroom any cleaner.
I’m such a bad example.