Swivels is loved.  The coveted bag appeared at her door, delivered by a very cheerful mailman postal delivery person, and Swivels was very very surprised.  Not surprised that the postal delivery person was cheerful, for the ones on her route are always happy to see her, since she is a ray of sunshine.  Surprised to receive The Bag, and wondering now whether it really is okay sometimes to expect good things and to dream big.

It was a day of two deliveries – the postal delivery person was delighted to visit our house twice.  He was not so happy that our front step is the hangout for the neighborhood’s wasp and mosquito population.  I am not sure how organized Canada Post is, that they couldn’t figure out that they had two parcels for one address on the same truck.
The other delivery was the best earplugs we’ve met.  (We met at a BNL concert, but weren’t formally introduced at the time.)  We have searched every store that sells earplugs, but they all sell the sad basic variety.  I finally threw caution to the wind and ordered Laser Lites the only way possible – in a box of 200 pairs.  We will never again need to purchase earplugs.  Earplugs will be part of every gift we now give to anyone for any occasion.  (Birthday earplugs.  Christmas earplugs.  Anniversary earplugs. Baby shower earplugs.  Hey, some of these are very appropriate!)

I was so enraptured* with the box of earplugs, that I started throwing fistfuls into the air and letting them shower down around me, and around SticklerJr.  He was Not Amused.

*Please note that I had not yet received The Bag.  Perhaps that’s just as well, for it may have overwhelmed my pure and authentic joy at finally being stocked up with primo-quality earplugs.  And the day would have been poorer without that joy and its accompanying shower of Laser Lites, only a few of which actually fell into SticklerJr’s lunch.