Deck the halls with… no, that’s not right.  We’re decking in the back yard, not in the hall.

I’m so thankful that MrSwiv and I enjoy doing this kind of work together.

One thing about this project: there has been entirely too much screwing and not nearly enough hammering.  Drag your minds out of the gutter and hear what I’m really saying!  I expected a lot of satisfying hammering when building this deck, but apparently nails are not advised; screws were recommended.  I am disappointed.

2008 07 19 0002

It only looks like it has eight legs.  It is not a spider.
Lyndon had to create those stringers himself.

2008 07 20 0003


We got the stairs laid yet today; just need to face them this week.  And return all the unused lumber.  And take a trailer-load of scraps and junk to the dump.  And then have a drink out on the new deck.