Every so often I try to eat more food that is good for me.  It is very trying, since I am a carboholic who quite likes processed food.

I went to the grocery store on Tuesday and spent $32.03 on fruits & veggies:

  • bananas (were overripe before 36 hours had past)

  • red grapes (delicious!)

  • green beans (eaten)

  • cauliflower (eaten)

  • fuji apples (unfortunately dropped at home; now bruised)

  • romaine (untouched in fridge)

  • english cucumber (untouched in fridge)

  • sugar snap peas (1/4 eaten)

  • mandarin oranges (some have been sweet, and some sour)

I brought it all home and set to the work of eating it throughout the week.
Why should eating be work?
Is it even possible to retrain this mouth/stomach to want to eat food that is good for me?

Gotta go – there are Ding Dongs in the other room, calling my name!