We had a fairly uneventful drive to Minneapolis.  We were thankful for the very short line at the border.  It was cloudy for about half of the drive, which is our preferred driving condition.  The trip was less than 8 hours from door to door, so we were pleased. 

Our ‘free’ hotel room even was upgraded!  We have the king whirlpool suite; it is huge, with a couch & chair plus desk plus two televisions, not to mention the big ‘ol double tub with jets, which sits beside the bed.  Free wireless internet here as well, which is nice.  (I get annoyed at hotels which are supposedly nice but charge extra for internet.)

Tapestry was crowded with dancers last night, and frigid; the a/c was full blast.

We’ve already eaten at our favorite little Mexican hole-in-the-wall twice.  Mmmmmm.

We were amazed to find dance shoes on the sale rack at Herberger’s.  I got three pairs (identical except for color: black, white, silver) of flat laceups with slippery soles for $16 each.  At that price I can use one pair outside on concrete!

As usual, MrSwiv has outshopped me.  I have one pair of jeans besides those dancing shoes.  He’s got two pairs of pants, a hat, and six shirts.  I think it is time to stop shopping!

OctoPLExy starts tonight!