I was very excited to see an Administration Assistant job opening at Canadian Foodgrains Bank; I have wanted to work there!  But now that I’ve read the job description, I can tell you that I won’t be applying.  I got exhausted and stressed just from reading the list.  I don’t know who could do that job and not continually feel like they’re behind.
I know that I need a feeling of accomplishment from my work, and to be able to feel like I’m at least somewhat on top of things.



It is VERY easy to make a list of things that are going wrong, so I’ll be unnatural and try to count some blessings.
my husband loves me * the sun is shining * there is chocolate in the fridge * my son isn’t a juvenile delinquent * comfy mattress & pillow * flipflop-friendly weather * the hens are having lots of chicks * libraries * my husband doesn’t watch sports * bloggers who consistently write entertaining posts * friends who love me even while I’m being stupid * no ironing * fried cheese