Twin Cities

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We had a fairly uneventful drive to Minneapolis.  We were thankful for the very short line at the border.  It was cloudy for about half of the drive, which is our preferred driving condition.  The trip was less than 8 hours from door to door, so we were pleased. 

Our ‘free’ hotel room even was upgraded!  We have the king whirlpool suite; it is huge, with a couch & chair plus desk plus two televisions, not to mention the big ‘ol double tub with jets, which sits beside the bed.  Free wireless internet here as well, which is nice.  (I get annoyed at hotels which are supposedly nice but charge extra for internet.)

Tapestry was crowded with dancers last night, and frigid; the a/c was full blast.

We’ve already eaten at our favorite little Mexican hole-in-the-wall twice.  Mmmmmm.

We were amazed to find dance shoes on the sale rack at Herberger’s.  I got three pairs (identical except for color: black, white, silver) of flat laceups with slippery soles for $16 each.  At that price I can use one pair outside on concrete!

As usual, MrSwiv has outshopped me.  I have one pair of jeans besides those dancing shoes.  He’s got two pairs of pants, a hat, and six shirts.  I think it is time to stop shopping!

OctoPLExy starts tonight!





1. Why is it so much easier to fall asleep in the morning than in the evening?

2. Why is this game so addicting?   (my traveler’s IQ is only 98)

3. Would I really regret not including a dishwasher in our new kitchen, or is the tradeoff in cupboard space worth it?

4. Does this explain why I go bonkers when there are too many people around?

5. How can I find a farmer who could use our stack of styrofoam egg cartons?

6. What would it take to get Safeway to force its suppliers to use recycled and recyclable paper egg cartons?

7. Does my hubby have veto power over the name I choose to substitute for his real name in blogdom?

8. Xanga offers two options for font colors; why do the colors that are named seem like such nicer choices than the ones that are just laid out in the chart?  (‘olive’ or ‘fern’ or ‘cactus’ rather than 204, 204, 51)

9. What’s with the low-rider pants on guys?  I keep seeing teens whose jeans are riding so low that it is a complete mystery to me that they’re not pooled around their ankles. 
This is not an exaggeration.  I really am amazed that they can walk around and have their pants stay at that latitude.  The waistbands/belts are literally under their hips.  Under their buttcheeks.  How is that possible?
I’ve heard that this trend came from prison, where the pants ride low because they’re not permitted belts to keep them up.  Jailhouse style seems like a really poor fashion guide.
On the bright side, this is one thing that I don’t have to argue with my son about.  His pants sit nicely at his waist.  No issue.

10. How can we know what’s okay to pack in our lunch when we drive across the border?  This website doesn’t really make me feel too confident.

11. Homeschooling is basically over; what should I do next?

12. Is it worth the time and mental energy to learn to lead lindyhop?
13. Would my brain explode?

14. Is there any hope to redeem our political system or will the parties continue to embarrass us in the House of Commons and stay on the blockhead path of caring more about who is in power than about what is best for the country?

15. Can we get rid of the penny already?

16. Is anyone reading this?

17. Would a geothermal retrofit be worth it?
18. What does ‘worth it’ mean in this case?

19. Why won’t my impatiens flower this year?

20. Where did I hide that good chocolate?

well, *this* is fun…

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This morning I forced myself to fill out my yearly evaluation form (for my part-time job).
The eval meeting is this afternoon; leaving it to the last minute was very motivating.  Now I’m rewarding myself with a big bag of
potato chips sugar snap peas.

Yes, I delude myself into thinking that I’m eating healthy.  Sure I had bacon and lasagna and ice cream cake yesterday, but I also had a salad and some watermelon.  Isn’t that good balance?

My son is pretending he has narcolepsy.  He is very convincing.
I have an airhorn.
Yes, I am that cruel.
Although not cruel enough to take video, as suggested by the owner of the airhorn.

Okay, back to ignoring the potato chips.


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Stephen Wiltshire is amazing.

What the World Eats photoessay

Read about how one person can make a difference.

This is the main reason I’d ever want to build my own house instead of buying an existing house.

Amazing islands

Instructables, in case you need to learn how to do something, or in case you desperately need to avoid doing something and therefore need a site with many interesting bits to distract you.

A fun and short animation.

I’m not pro-USA, but these girls can sing.



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  • location: home

  • earworm: Irresistible You – Bobby Darin

  • eating: leftover strata

  • most recent purchase:  wicked and forgiving eyeshadows (couldn’t choose between them…)

  • career plans: none



sleeping with earplugs works better than dancing with earplugs

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Our newest Kinetic Swing song is by Wham… I was sick of it before we even started practising it endlessly.




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I was very excited to see an Administration Assistant job opening at Canadian Foodgrains Bank; I have wanted to work there!  But now that I’ve read the job description, I can tell you that I won’t be applying.  I got exhausted and stressed just from reading the list.  I don’t know who could do that job and not continually feel like they’re behind.
I know that I need a feeling of accomplishment from my work, and to be able to feel like I’m at least somewhat on top of things.



It is VERY easy to make a list of things that are going wrong, so I’ll be unnatural and try to count some blessings.
my husband loves me * the sun is shining * there is chocolate in the fridge * my son isn’t a juvenile delinquent * comfy mattress & pillow * flipflop-friendly weather * the hens are having lots of chicks * libraries * my husband doesn’t watch sports * bloggers who consistently write entertaining posts * friends who love me even while I’m being stupid * no ironing * fried cheese


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